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D&D Encounters Session 3

So…. Peter, Chris (usually a DM), and I all played goblins in last night’s game. Gordon played a werewolf berzerker (Wulfig?), and Bryce played an elf archer (but not a ranger!) named Brandis. We decided we’re all from the same tribe, even though I’m trying to leave it. The tribe headed by the mysterious figure […]

St Baldrick’s Update – Shave time is 3:45 Saturday!

This week’s “hair challenge” is a bit different– donate to pick my hair color for SHAVE DAY! That’s right– whoever donates the most between Sunday, February 24 and Friday noon, March 1st gets to pick my hair color for the shave on Saturday. (Edited to make this Friday, for payday reasons!) Speaking of the shave: […]

D&D Encounters – Session 2

I’m playing a goblin monk who is a traps expert, and moved to a different table this week. I quickly discovered that, at my table, there were: an evil kobold mage, an evil human cleric, and an evil minotaur sha’ir. Note: no defender. While I believe alignment is unnecessary in a good RPG, I also […]

Notes from a Gaming Weekend

My friend Mike and I went to Strategicon this weekend and played a bunch of games. Here are our notes. With a very few exceptions, we were both lucky to play with excellent Game Masters/Storytellers/Keepers/Dungeon Masters. In fact, we discussed how many of these games would be much harder to run for inexperienced GMs. Mike […]

D&D Encounters – Session 1

I feel bad about posting this to my blog, but I also feel… justified. Understand: there are some things that were great about this night of gaming, and a large amount of the problems I had were due to a newer DM. That said…. I have a rant to make. I wrote this the day […]

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