D&D Basic

Over the weekend, I ran a short, nostalgia-laden D&D Basic edition adventure for some friends of mine. This was the second time I ran the adventure, and both times, the outcome was similar. We started by handing out Players Handbooks and character sheets so everyone could make their characters. Although I had planned to just […]

American Idol Fail

I want to get something off my chest about American Idol. First, my disclaimer: I don’t like the show. I watch it, because John watches it. But I don’t find it very entertaining. I enjoyed Seasons 3 and 4, but after that, I’ve just had a really hard time connecting to any kind of story […]

Para sol near completion

I finished crocheting the parasol last night. I am now on washing, blocking, and installing it on the umbrella frame. It’s absolutely larger than the frame, even before blocking (which I expect will add about 30% to the overall size). But I may be able to make it work…. or get a larger golf umbrella […]