Issue 4 Update!

I know that you have all been in suspense about Issue 4! I am happy to report that Issue 4 will be going to the printers this weekend! So brace yourselves, the adventure continues soon! Cross-posted from the Handknit Heroes Updates Blog. Comment here or there!


Hello all you Handknit Heroes fans! I’m Wanda and I am the new Customer Support Hero at Handknit Heroes! As I ease into my new role, I am excited to be meeting subscribers and new customers alike! So who am I? I am originally from New York and reside in Fabulous Las Vegas, NV. I […]

January Books

#1: The Walking Dead Compendium 1 #2: The Walking Dead Volume 9 #3: The Walking Dead Volume 10 #4: The Walking Dead Volume 11 #5: The Walking Dead Volume 12 #6: The Walking Dead Volume 13 #7: The Real Night of the Living Dead #8: Chasing the Dead #9: Flashforward #10: The Admiral’s Penniless Bride […]