Week off, week on

I took this week off work, intending to get a lot of writing done. I did get half of a story written so far, but I find myself procrastinating– classic sign of burn-out.

Have done a small amount of knitting. Mostly, I’ve been reading quite a bit; refilling the well with zombies, I guess.

At night, John and I escape the cold by hitting the casinos, which has been a nice change from our usual routine. It makes my “staycation” a little more fun, anyway.

The cold: it snowed here a couple of days ago. The RV heater saps the hot water, so we either have heat or cleanliness. And the hot water eventually runs out, so mostly, we have neither. Since I’m home, I can shower mid-day, but I hope the weather warms back up before next week. Even temps in the 50’s would be fine.

CES and AVN trade shows are in town this week, making all of Las Vegas a little busier, a little more hectic, and especially on the Strip, a lot more crowded. Prices are a little higher, too: to all CES attendees, please note that a tall latte does not usually cost $4, even on the strip. Take advantage of the free drinks while you’re gambling, and don’t forget to tip your dealer and drink server!