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I just wrote The Moment

There has been an image in the back of my mind ever since I started writing Handknit Heroes. A destination for one of the characters in the comic book, something bold and disturbing and which takes the story out of fun and games and into the seriousness of a hero’s quest. I just wrote it. […]

Script Frenzy: Day 16

Yesterday was the halfway point, and I started and ended the day at 77 pages. I am halfway through the 3rd issue this month (Issue #7), and right now my total script page count is 82. Really, that’s all I have to say today. Work is going well, and Issue 3 continues apace.

Script Frenzy: Day 4

Oh, I know it’s some holiday or other, but really, today for me is a celebration of awesomely fun comic book writing! On Friday, I finished writing the draft of Issue 4 for Handknit Heroes. Hooray! On Saturday, I outlined Issue 5 and wrote 4 pages (of 22 total for each issue). That’s 4 comic […]

March Media

Books #10: What Price Love #11: Omega: The Unknown #12: The Intentional Spinner #13: Teaching Your Cat Simple Tricks #14: Inferno (Pournelle and Niven) #15: Serenity: Better Days #16: The Walking Dead #4: The Heart’s Desire #17: Alan Moore’s Writing for Comics #18: Feet of Clay #19: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Time of Your Life […]

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