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Planned Yarn Purchase

Remember my resolution to not buy yarn in 2010? Remember my exceptions included “except yarn for gifts where I post in advance that I am going to buy yarn”?

My friend Florence took me up on my “donate $100 for a pair of socks” pledge in August, and she has sent me her measurements and preferences. So, tomorrow, I am off to a yarn shop to find baby-soft yarn in white, cream, or yellow, for the slipper-socks she wants. I could knit from stash, but I want baby-soft yarn, and I have none of that in my stash– I don’t generally knit with baby yarns.

This is me. Posting in advance. Yarn purchase imminent.

Happy New Year and Thanksgiving!

Happy New Year, everyone! I know everyone is really glad to see the rear-end of 2009, but for me, it was a good year. New president (YAY!), new projects, new comic book, new job… Sure, there was a lot of world-wide suckage, not limited to the bizarre popularity (including here in my house) of Lady Gaga. John compared her to Madonna the other day, but I don’t think she has Madonna’s staying power. I suggested she’s more like Cindy Lauper– a few big hits, but she’ll be invisible in a year or so.

Anyway, I think Thanksgiving really should fall after New Years. I mean, this is the whole “time to reflect and move in new directions,” right? And, for me, it’s time to write thank you cards.

Which brings me to why I’m blogging today: I have now written thank you cards for the gifts I received from far-away loved ones this year. The task is done and complete, and they’ll be going out in today’s mail. Hooray! If you sent me a gift and you don’t get a thank you card, then you’ll know in a week or so (by the absence of a card in the mail) that I didn’t receive it. Except for Paul and Rachel– they already know I received the lovely flower, but I’m pretty sure their card will take more than a week to get from Las Vegas to Nottingham. I could be wrong, though.

Next step: making my New Years Resolutions!

December Books

#43: Bound for the Holidays by Mckenzie McKade. Erotica with romance ending– light bondage and a threesome.
#44: The Lady Chosen by Stephanie Laurens. Regency romance, first in the Bastion Club series.
#45: The Little Lady Agency and the Prince by Hester Browne. Chick lit.
#46: Hotter After Midnight by Cynthia Eden. Erotic werewolf with murder mystery thriller thrown in.
#47: The Cold Ones by Elizabeth Donald. Absolutely chilling novella with a zombie theme.
#48: Scroogenomics by Joel Waldfogel. The only really accessible economics book I’ve ever read.
#49: Zombies v Robots – graphic novel about zombies, robots, and amazons. I read and forgot to log it earlier this year.

That’s it. I fell short of the 50 book challenge by 1 book this year. I would feel bad about that, but since I also wrote 2 comic books…. the sting is lessened.

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