Life in Las Vegas

John and I were talking last night about public transportation and Las Vegas. In case you don’t know, Las Vegas’ Monorail just declared bankruptcy. No interruption in service, but I’m sure it won’t make potential investors very confident. Already stations have closed. John: Casinos don’t really want an easy way for people to leave their […]

New Pattern, Awesome Hat!

My Mosaic Sampler Hat pattern was published at the Knit Picks Independent Designer site today! I designed and made the first prototype, which I gave to my niece Julia for Krismas, in response to Get Excited and Make Things, which I read about over on Wil Wheaton’s blog back in November. The pattern costs $1.99 […]

Raggedy-Lan Cape

I’ve finished the cape I was making for my mother, and am releasing it on Ravelry as the Raggedy-Lan Cape: Check out the pattern page on Ravelry to buy this pattern! It’s $4, and it’s a nice, simple knit for anyone looking to practice their knitting and get a nice capelet out of the effort! […]