Recent Movies

I’ve seen a a few current movies in theatres recently. Saw The Blind Side a couple of weeks ago. It’s a chick flick with football– how can you go wrong?!?

Saw Up in the Air on Christmas with John. I really enjoyed it, but it was a little bit sad. George Clooney is, as always, very pretty. So pretty that I suggested New Years Eve be an Ocean’s movie fest with John (I bought all 4 for Xmas for him in one of those 4-pack dealies).

And last night, because $20 for a 2-hour movie was much cheaper than spending 2 more hours at the cold craps tables, I saw Sherlock Holmes, which was an excellent movie. Lots of fighting– Robert Downey Jr gets beat up a lot, which is always a plus (c’mon– audiences love to see RDJ take one in the kisser! The man takes a punch like nobody else). Lots of clever little things going on. A little bit unsubtle for a Sherlock Holmes story, but overall, I enjoyed it a great deal.

There is no cuddling, however. I had read an article in one of the awful rags that suggested that there was some light cuddling and bed-sharing between Holmes and Watson. There is none in this movie, and I’m a little saddened by that (not terribly– the relationship between the two is strong enough to carry the movie without it). As portrayed in the film, they are definitely in the “homosocial” scale of male interactions, but the subtext is all subtext. Too bad– it would have been nice to have a really out portrayal of Victorian bisexuality (both Holmes and Watson in this movie have female love interests as well).