Looks like I’ll be changing blog clients, as ecto no longer appears to actually save or post the text of my blog posts anymore. *sigh*

Anyway, here’s what’s going on:

IMG_1800.JPGLast weekend, my friend Inga came into town. We had a great time shopping and hanging out. And on Saturday, the night before she left, a random stranger gave us two free tickets to the Andrea Bocelli performance. It was awesome and beautiful, and we were about half an hour late, but the 5 encores made up for it.

I like my job and I like the people I work with. I like being respected at work, and I like being worthy of respect. It’s a refreshing change.

I had 4 automatic sick days when I started, and they don’t roll over to 2010, so I took today off to go to the DMV and get my drivers license. Well, you have to register your vehicles at the same time as you do your license. Our car didn’t pass smog, so we have to go back on the 30th, which is also a sick day for me. I’m really looking forward to it. From what I hear, Nevada DMVs are mini-portals to hell. Perhaps there will be zombies. I’ll be sure to bring my board-with-rusty-nail.

I finished a pair of socks:


Also on the needles are a couple of hats, a sweater for John, and a vest. And an “I’m thinking of casting on” for a pair of socks in gray yarn. I can’t really wear my handknit socks to work every day– they show in my work shoes, and I’m going for “business attire” Monday through Thursday. Bright stripey socks doesn’t quite go with the muted grays and blues of my work wardrobe. But I can knit gray socks with lace patterns and have comfy socks to wear with my business clothes– that I can definitely do!

Today, I got an email from my publisher about a great review of my novella “Hunter.” It’s very motivating to have someone say “I hope she writes more.”

Also motivational: I screwed up my back this week and it’s been just stabbing pain in the lower back for several days. As you know, I’m overweight and under-exercised, which of course cause and contribute to the back pain. But this week has just been really hard on my back. Today, I took myself off to Curves and signed up for a year. Merry Krismas to my body. I also did the circuit workout and didn’t hate it. I think the gal signing me up wasn’t thrilled when I told her I would be happy to still be shopping at Lane Bryant by the end of next year, as long as my back wasn’t killing me. But she also kind of understood, as she’s lost over 100 lbs. and has over 100 still to go. When the really obese get together to talk about this process, we know that a single year won’t mean reaching the finish line.

The Curves membership is my own Krismas present to my body. I deserve to be healthy, don’t you think?