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Yeah. I’m a fan.

Elizabeth Donald is a writer. A good one. She writes horror and sexy stuff and more horror. Her most recent book is a zombie novel called The Cold Ones (review here), which I’ve been anticipating reading, but couldn’t justify for shelf space until I recently won it in a charity auction.

Like most good, not-bestseller-yet authors, Ms. Donald doesn’t have an enormous market for her short stories. But she deserves one.

I could argue right now that we all deserve one, but I’ll leave it at this: Elizabeth is a good writer who writes stuff that’s enjoyable to read.

This week, she has posted some of her short stories for sale on her website. They’re $2.50 each, about the price of some spendy coffee.

I encourage you to buy one of her short stories. If you’re a NaNoWriMo participant, right now you’re probably looking for two things: 1) something to take your mind off the exhausted draft you’ve just finished, and 2) some hope that a freelance writer can still make it in this world. If you’re a holiday shopper, you’re probably looking for something not-too-time-consuming to relax after shopping and wrapping up presents.

For $2.50, you can have that.

If you do download one of Elizabeth’s stories, please feel free to drop me a note here and let me know what you thought. I’d love to hear, and I know she’ll be checking comments to see who bought and what they think.

Note: I have no financial relationship with Elizabeth except as a satisfied consumer of her work and as a personal friend. We’ve gone out to dinner once in St. Louis. She’s lovely in person as well as on the page.

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