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I’ve seen a a few current movies in theatres recently. Saw The Blind Side a couple of weeks ago. It’s a chick flick with football– how can you go wrong?!? Saw Up in the Air on Christmas with John. I really enjoyed it, but it was a little bit sad. George Clooney is, as always, […]

Excellent News!

The Krismas presents (now arriving for birthdays) have been found! It turns out my sister lives on the West portion of her road, and they were delivered to East (they were addressed to just her road– no direction because I did not know there was an East/West). Sis left a note on Christmas Eve for […]

Thieves of Knitted Goods Have a Special Place in Hell

Pardon the swearing. But not really. My sister’s Krismas present was marked delivered on the FedEx tracking site about 10 days ago. However, today I was on the phone with my sis, talking about the birthday presents (which arrived today) and I said “and in the other box, there should be…” and she said “what […]


Looks like I’ll be changing blog clients, as ecto no longer appears to actually save or post the text of my blog posts anymore. *sigh* Anyway, here’s what’s going on: Last weekend, my friend Inga came into town. We had a great time shopping and hanging out. And on Saturday, the night before she left, […]

Note to Givers

Someone reminded me of this recently, so I’ll remind everyone of it: Food stamps do not pay for hygiene products, like soap and shampoo. Many families are on food stamps. Whether they have one parent or two, a lot of families have accepted a little help in feeding their kids. If your kids go to […]

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