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The Big News

I have accepted a job offer.

Full-time, staff (as a technical writer), working for a prepaid debit card company in Las Vegas, Nevada. The money is good, the location is great, and the company is small and I have a chance to really influence a documentation department as it develops.

John and I will therefore be staying in Las Vegas indefinitely. We plan to live in the RV for a few months before renting an apartment or house before next summer. We already plan to make sure we can have guests stay when they visit, but we will be living some distance from the Strip and Downtown, as I have no intention of driving to work on a freeway.

Work is close to the airport. Home will probably be about 10-15 minutes away from work on surface roads.

I will continue to do the comic book, but will be scaling back how much time I spend each day on it.

I start on Monday.

In the past, I have refrained from talking about my work when employed by other people, and that will continue to be true with this job. So while I may mention work once or twice, I generally try not to discuss it online. It’s not that I don’t think it’s interesting. It’s that I don’t wish to embarrass or expose my employer to any kind of scrutiny, for good or bad. It’s not fair to them, and it could result in termination of my employment. Loose lips sink ships, and all that.

Anyway, that’s the big news for you all!

Socking up!

The yarn diet doesn’t start until January 1, you know. Just for the record, in case you’re wondering how hypocritical I’m being.

See, Yarn Harlot posted about this lovely yarn just last week.

Therefore, I was perfectly justified in buying some Dream in Color Starry from The Dizzy Sheep when I saw it in my feed reader this morning for $20.99 and $1 shipping.

So what if 12 out of the 19 colors were already sold out? They still had some lovelies left, and I know DIC well enough to know that there is no bad colorway from them.

OK, I will grant this: I probably didn’t need to buy three skeins of it. But so what? 2 skeins can become a shawl, and the third will be socks.

Or maybe I’ll just carry it around and pet it obsessively. I have that right. It’s yarn. It’s like the physical embodiment of love.

And today, I love myself quite a bit, thanks!

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