YA Nostalgia

Ace Hits the Big Time (Can’t Stop Ace), by Barbara Murphy, Judie Wolkoff I remember reading this book when I was a kid, I think in middle school, during library class. I found the book funny and meaningful, and I wish I could re-read it. The fact I still remember it all these years later […]

RIP: Clapotis

I had insomnia last night and, as I usually do when I have insomnia, I thought about knitting. I’m actually surprised at how seldom I dream about knitting, considering how much I think about it. Anyway, I’ve been knitting a scarf/shawl thing for my mom, but it hasn’t been going well. I’m using laceweight yarn […]

Dear Internet

Hi, friends. As you know, I use a Macintosh computer. As you don’t know but could probably guess, my mother uses a Windows computer. She does not want to switch computers, OS’s, or make big drastic changes to her computing platform. For security reasons (ie: nobody thinks it’s secure), she is not permitted to install […]

The Big News

I have accepted a job offer. Full-time, staff (as a technical writer), working for a prepaid debit card company in Las Vegas, Nevada. The money is good, the location is great, and the company is small and I have a chance to really influence a documentation department as it develops. John and I will therefore […]