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Made it to the UK!

I made it to London and am now in Birmingham. I have not been mugged. If you hear otherwise, feel free to contact my husband for verification– obviously, you shouldn’t wire money to me.

The trip was… involved, is the best word I can think of. Long. I’m tired. I didn’t sleep much on the flight over, and took a 5 hour cat-nap yesterday after I got in, which meant I didn’t sleep last night, either.

I crocheted a pair of slipper socks for someone during my flights here. And ran out of yarn while doing the heel (the very last part– I need about 2 yards of yarn). I might have enough in a tail that got shoved into my backpack. Let’s hope. Otherwise, I would need to frog about 2/3 of the sock to shorten it by 1 crochet stitch on every. single. row so I can finish the heel. The socks go quick in worsted-weight yarn, though, so we’re talking about maybe 4 hours of crocheting, rather than 4 days or something silly.

I’m tired, but enjoying Birmingham. The train ride down was quite lovely and quick (I took an express). I spent the time chatting with a man older than my parents about travel and trains and all kinds of stuff (he used to work on steam trains).

My room here is tiny– a twin bed and a bathroom and not much else. But it’s on the 6th floor and I have a balcony! I have the balcony door open a little bit right now (it’s quite warm here in England this week– unseasonably so!) and there’s a jazz sax player outside on the street, the music singing up to me over the street noise…. very metropolitan, very nice. I’m enjoying it greatly. I’m finally hungry enough to have some dinner, which is convenient, since it’s 5:15 PM and I can actually get on the business of re-setting my internal clock.

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