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Alladin Note

Alladin weighs 17.8 lbs today.

2 weeks ago (I think), he weighed 18.0 lbs.

He has not lost weight in the past 5-6 months.

I think we have his food regimen down. 3 meal times, 1 can of Fancy Feast at each meal. As of today, for the mid-day meal, I am removing 1 non-heaping spoonful of food from the can before serving.

This is just a tracking post for later reference. No need to comment/cheer/remark on it.

Alladin’s been doing very well and has fully recovered from last year’s illness. 4 months ago he saw a vet and had a full panel done, with 100% a-ok results across the board. So it’s time to start gradually reducing the amount he eats each day and try to bring him down to a healthier 12 lb weight. I honestly expect and hope this will take 12-18 months edit: John points out that’s still pretty fast. Say 24 months, or thereabouts. We’re looking for no more than a couple of ounces a week. At his heaviest, he was 20 lbs and was starting to have trouble maintaining his cleanliness.

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