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The zombies have bitten me again

Remember the NaNoWriMo novel I was working on…. um…. last year, I think it was? With the couple who elope to Las Vegas just as zombies rise up, and it’s a mash of “Honeymoon in Vegas” and “Night of the Living Dead?” Like all of my novels, I knew I could write it when the Perfect title came to me: Getting Buried in Vegas.

And remember, when I was done limping through the month of anti-motivation, I shoved it in a drawer? Well, first I tried to turn it into a screenplay, got 4 pages in (further than any screenplay I have written since the 4th grade), and then shoved it into a drawer?

On Tuesday, I opened the file for the first time in a long time. I deleted all the word-count toss-ins (“And then she tried to read this completely unrelated novel….”). And I printed it out.

In the RV yesterday on our way from one place to the next, I read it. The dismembered pieces of my zombie novel.

Really, It’s not even a novel yet. At around 28,000 words, it barely qualifies as a novella. Which is fine– it’s missing huge, major parts of the story– like the parts where zombies start rising from the dead, for instance– we go straight from “the guys are looking for tuxedos” to “the prom queen takes an axe to the slot machine-playing zombies.” Which is almost a relief– I would be very bothered if I’d actually completed the storyline in 28,000 words.

But… it’s good.

I mean, it’s “John laughed out loud” good. Yeah, it also sucks. And, again, it’s not finished. But….

It’s… good.

I might have to do something about that.

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