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Yesterday, I went out to the lake across the street and took pictures of these:


They are the new sock pattern being released from Handknit Heroes on August 6th. They’re currently called “Shoelace Cable Socks,” but they’ll be renamed to something more dynamic before release.

I also took more photos of the Not-So-Mystery Shawl that I’m releasing in September. If you’re a lace knitter or want to be, think about joining the free knit-along and knitting it with me!

Then, John took me to the movies and dropped me off for the matinee showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It was one of the best Harry Potter movies. Very well done– I was quite surprised, actually, at the many subtleties in the film. It made me want to re-read the books.

When I left the theatre, John hadn’t returned yet to pick me up. He was on the dunes nearby, driving his Jeep around in the sand and dunes and having a grand old time. I texted him to let him know the movie was over, and then walked out onto the street. Across the street from the theatre is a SCUBA shop with some other beach and sand toys, so I stopped in to browse. After making my purchase, I headed out again and started walking south. Our RV was about 5 miles south of town, so I knew I wasn’t going to walk all the way home, but I figured I’d start walking and see what I could see.

Well, not more than half a block away, I saw a sign for a park down the street. I headed down there and set up in an empty baseball field. It was a nice, windy day, and when John arrived, I was having a gleeful time, flying my kite! I let him take his turn while I worked the camera on my cell phone:

2009-07-19 16.04.06.jpg  

We went home and I knitted for a couple of hours. Then we went out for pizza, stopped at Safeway for a couple of things, and picked up Twilight at the Redbox. We took it home and played a modified variant of the Twilight Drinking Game (removed about half of the rules, including all the ones that required knowledge of the books, and John quit playing after his first beer). It was very entertaining, largely because we were basically mocking and MST3King it the whole way. Some memorable quotes from peanut gallery:

John: “He’s a vampire, the Indians are werewolves, and she’s a woodchuck.”

Me: “Oh, Edward, I want to be with you forever and give you my golden onion!”

There were more, but we went to bed giggling and forgot to write them all down. Feel free to contribute your snarky/silly remarks about Twilight (the movie) here!

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