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Completed Knitting

These are for my stepmother:


And then I went on to design these:


They are the “Get Well Soon” fingerless gloves. Name to change when I actually finish writing up the pattern and releasing it. The pattern will be free to Handknit Heroes subscribers, as a “we’re sorry we’re running late” bonus. What’s happened with Issue #3 is that (a) I ran late with the script, and (b) Marc hurt his back. Badly. So he’s on bed rest and can’t draw. It’s very, very hard to create a comic book when you don’t have an artist. I won’t say it’s impossible, but with my artistic skills, it might as well be. So, since I can write a pattern (and had been meaning to write this for a while), I did so, and we’ll be giving it to our subscribers as a “thanks for your patience” present.

Swatches should be useful. The pink and green is a funky disco skirt for Barbie. The white is a very classic sweater for a WebKinz.


And the other day, I cast on for this:


I know, it doesn’t look like much. but would you believe it’s one half of a sock for my dad? Dad’s employer, the Transportation Security Agency, has very stringent uniform requirements. Socks are troublesome– they must be dark blue or black, completely fill the space between shoes and pants cuff, and cannot have decoration between the shoe and pant cuff.

The problem, as I see it, is that my dad’s socks do not fit him. I have seen his feet and ankles after he comes home and kicks off his shoes, and there is a ridge around his ankle, where the band of his sock has been digging into his ankle. People, that is not good for your feet! And it’s not normal– we put up with it because socks that do that (with elastic in the cuffs) are $1 a pair, but they’re all made one uniform size, and they’re not made to make your feet happy!

This sock is the Colonial Rib pattern, which is a rib stitch, so the sock will be stretchy. The top of the cuff is 1×1 ribbing, which is the stretchiest ribbing possible. With a little luck and some nice, even knitting, this pair of socks will fit my dad without making his feet uncomfortable. Happy feet, happy man.

John and I arrived in Portland about an hour ago. We will probably have a quiet night with pizza tonight, but look forward to seeing some Portland folks in the next week or two. We’re here till the 12th, and would love to visit ALL our friends while we’re in town!

The zombies have bitten me again

Remember the NaNoWriMo novel I was working on…. um…. last year, I think it was? With the couple who elope to Las Vegas just as zombies rise up, and it’s a mash of “Honeymoon in Vegas” and “Night of the Living Dead?” Like all of my novels, I knew I could write it when the Perfect title came to me: Getting Buried in Vegas.

And remember, when I was done limping through the month of anti-motivation, I shoved it in a drawer? Well, first I tried to turn it into a screenplay, got 4 pages in (further than any screenplay I have written since the 4th grade), and then shoved it into a drawer?

On Tuesday, I opened the file for the first time in a long time. I deleted all the word-count toss-ins (“And then she tried to read this completely unrelated novel….”). And I printed it out.

In the RV yesterday on our way from one place to the next, I read it. The dismembered pieces of my zombie novel.

Really, It’s not even a novel yet. At around 28,000 words, it barely qualifies as a novella. Which is fine– it’s missing huge, major parts of the story– like the parts where zombies start rising from the dead, for instance– we go straight from “the guys are looking for tuxedos” to “the prom queen takes an axe to the slot machine-playing zombies.” Which is almost a relief– I would be very bothered if I’d actually completed the storyline in 28,000 words.

But… it’s good.

I mean, it’s “John laughed out loud” good. Yeah, it also sucks. And, again, it’s not finished. But….

It’s… good.

I might have to do something about that.


John and I are getting into Portland, Oregon tomorrow, just in time for the Oregon Brewers Festival this weekend.

Will we see you there? We’d love to meetup! Drop a comment, let us know if you’re in the area and can get together! We will be in town until the 12th of August (but very busy from August 5-9).

Here’s what was in my inbox today:

Dear FutureMe,

A year ago, your grandmother died while your sister was visiting you, and you went to Massachusetts for the funeral services. You stayed to help your family with the household estate, and had a good time visiting with your dad, step-mom, uncle, aunt, and cousins.

What are you doing today? Is this a good day to take a few hours and call your family members? Are you near any family you can go visit? Grandma loved you, and she thought family was very important– she made sacrifices for her family that she didn’t need to make, but felt she should.

Call your dad. Or Kim. Or your sister. Or…. well, just call someone today.

Sure. Irony? My cell phone has no signal here in Florence, Oregon.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones.

Evidence for Why Twilight Should Become an Overnight Cult Classic. Written with much more wit and style than my little rambling post earlier, by the lovely and talented Elizabeth Donald. Who, for the record, actually writes vampire romance novels. Good ones.

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