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Shout Outs

We have a bunch of shout-outs that came in from the blogs and podcasts over the weekend!

First, Lime n Violet reviewed us in their nice long podcast last week! We’re in Episode #79, and the review is around 1 hour 22 minutes into the show. What an honor! What fun! Now you both have to read it– you’ll love it, I’m sure! Everyone else should check out the podcast, too– there’s a lot of fun in the show, and if you put a knitting project in your hands while you listen, you can imagine yourself at a stitch n’ bitch, listening to some of the funnier, sassier members of the knitting group relating their stories.

A Mano Yarn Center did a lovely write-up with more photos from the event I did last week!

One of our Sneak Peek participants, Lustrous Owl, gave us a nice review in her blog!

Ooo Shiny put a review up on the blog. The critiques: too short (I agree), and the pattern is easy. Well, that’s valid, too– the pattern is for beginning knitters. While I love knitting fiendishly difficult projects (I knit lace without a lifeline), I also think of new-to-knitting friends who want to knit, but need something between the Garter Stitch Scarf and intricate mosaic colorwork to really get them excited.

My friend Lynn gave me a shout out on her LiveJournal. Thanks, Lynn!

Another shoutout, from Knitting Passion. Hey, Barbara– there’s a shop in Fairbanks that carries the comic. Check it out if you ever get into town!

And the buzz made it into discussion forums! A rare sighting over at the City of Heroes forum, and a mention in the Yarn in Tights group on Ravelry (members-only site).

Thanks everyone!

And remember, if you post to your blog or find a mention, feel free to send it in, or post a comment here!

Also, if you start knitting the POW! Hooded Scarf, let me know. I’d LOVE to see pictures of your project! One of my friends, a new knitter, did her swatch yesterday during the Superbowl, and is ready to cast on for the whole scarf. She’s knitting it in a lovely single-ply wool with shades of blue and brown– it’s gorgeous and the first time I’ll have seen this scarf in a variegated yarn.

A Sell-out Shop Event, Knitty, and Shout Outs!

On Monday, I had a lovely dinner with a knitting group from Orange County, which was delightful. It was delightful because, even though I’m now writing this comic book and doing this cool thing, I’m still a knitter who likes hanging around people, and once in a while… well, it’s nice to just hang out and knit. You can see pictures from that night here.

Last night’s event was way more than a friendly dinner, though– it was quite an event! I went to A Mano Yarn Center early because I never know what L.A’s traffic will do to my travel time, and I like to sit and knit and have dinner before something like this starts. I got to work on my first Baby Surprise Jacket ever– I’m making it for my best friend’s impending arrival, and when it’s done (and I’ve figured out what gauge does to this jacket), I may need to make a second one real soon.

Anyway, it was A Mano’s usual Wednesday night knit group, but we also had a couple of new folks come in to see the comic and talk knitting. A Mano sold out of the comic, then sold out of the extras I’d brought with me (don’t worry– another batch is on its way to her today). I signed them all! To knitters or to their kids, I had a great time meeting everyone and putting a silver pen to their comics and not getting told “Don’t! You’ll deface it!”

I talked about the comic book, gave the guided tour, so to speak, and did a Q&A session with the lovely folks who were there. Many lovely knitters tried on the scarf and look beautiful:


More pictures of the scarf on the lovely ladies at A Mano are here.

In the course of my travels across the US, I have dropped in on many knitting nights, from Massachusetts to Florida, to Kansas City (more than once), and Texas. Here is something I’ve learned about knitters and crocheters: you are sassy people. I’ve found that many knitters have a slightly bent sense of humor. And they’ll crack a joke that’s a little bent, maybe a little racy, and they’ll often look over at me, and apologize and say something like “I only say that cause Debra and I have known each other for years– we’re not really like this!” and I nod and smile and keep knitting…. and a few minutes later, I’ll zing them back with one that makes them realize yes, we’re in that happy weird-humor knitting basket together.

Which brings me to Knitty. If you don’t know about Knitty, it’s a free online knitting magazine and a source of quality knitting patterns. Each issue has several great patterns of varying difficulty levels– a little something for everyone. And some time between each issue’s release, they post up a few bonus patterns to the site. They’re like finding a forgotten skein of cashmere laceweight in the bottom of your knitting bin. We missed the initial deadline for advertising in the Winter issue, but we got into the “Bonus pattern” sponsorship queue. To my delight, the Knitty bonuses went up yesterday. I’d like to encourage everyone to check it out and possibly give your heart to someone special this coming Valentine’s Day.

Shout outs!

3 Kittens yarn shop in St. Paul has almost sold out of Handknit Heroes, just a few days after they received their order!

Woolly Way in Ireland gives us a great review– very thorough and thoughtful. She also re-linked from another one of her blogs.

Ooo-Shiny posted a squee over finding out she’s in the Sneak Peek group. I hope she got her copy by now and will post an update soon!

Chris Church is giving away a copy of Handknit Heroes as a prize in her What Does the Future Hold? contest.

I found this awesome blog by a knitter who entertains kids on Hollywood Boulevard by dressing as a superhero and posing for pictures.

Finally, I’d like to welcome anyone who found us from LiveJournal’s knitting group.

Event Pictures, More Shout Outs, and our First Aussie Store!

Don’t forget! I’ll be at A Mano Yarn Center on Wednesday, January 28th at 6 PM to meet and greet, sign comic books, and hang out with some cool knitters. Come join us!


We had a great meet and greet on Saturday, with several visitors to the shop– and Joanne had almost sold out her inventory before I even arrived! She had a number of yarn kits with the right amount of yarn for the project, ready to go in the shop, too. See more pictures from the meet n’ greet here.

Needlepoints West Meet n Greet - 4

Needlepoints West Meet n Greet - 8

For designers, advertisers, and the generally curious, our editorial calendar is now available in .ics format here (for Mac or Thunderbird), or as a Google calendar here. Or you can see it on our website here.

We’ve added our first non-US shop! American Yarns in Queensland, Australia has a batch of copies winging its way over there next week! As always, you can check our Shop Locator to find stores near you that carry Handknit Heroes.

Shout Outs

Technomom gave us a linky shout-out. Thanks, technomom!

Largehearted Boy linked to us in the “shorties” post this week.

And a personal shout-out for me: Shannon Okey (author of How to Knit in the Woods, among other marvelous things) pointed that Issue #2 of El Gorgo is out, and there’s a shout-out in the credits/acknowledgements to me and Marty from Yes, the fangirl squeeing could be hear round the world.

Thanks everyone. And remember, if you’ve blogged about Handknit Heroes, or you sighted it in the wild, please drop me an email to let me know!

Shout Out Roundup!

Don’t forget! Tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, January 24), I’ll be showing Handknit Heroes in Los Angeles at the Needlepoints West shop from 1-3!

And next Wednesday evening after 6, I’ll be at A Mano Yarn Center to show the comic and talk about knitting and comics as well.

If you’re in the area and want to take a look at the comic and see what it’s all about, come by either shop to check it out! Both shops stock Handknit Heroes and will have the comic available to sell right there in the store.

Also, I posted a little video to my personal blog tonight, to give you a peek inside the comic (if you haven’t had a chance yet).

Shout Outs!

Knitter’s Review put us in their roundup of great things to take from TNNA. Wow! Thanks!

Kim Werker posted a mini-review of the show and the comic– awesome! She even included a great, if goofy, picture of most of the Handknit Heroes team.

Skyline Chilly enthusiastically likes the concept of a knitting comic book.

SlightlyFoxxed found the comic to be so-so, but loves the pattern.I always hope that, with a story and artwork and pattern, everyone will find something valuable in each issue. Darcy’s also been a big supporter from Day 1, so we’re glad she’s looking forward to knitting the scarf. And I hope she finds Issue 2’s writing to be better than Issue 1.

My friends over at posted a review and a longing to knit the lovely POW! Hooded Scarf pattern!

GoLightly blogged about her review copy’s arrival. Hooray!

Also, today’s “not-related-but-cool” link comes from Knit Princess, an online webcomic strip about a knitter! I don’t know if she has superpowers, but I certainly adore the impulse!

Thanks everyone for the reviews and shout-outs. We love the attention, and we especially thank you for your support!

Los Angeles Appearances and more shout-outs

Upcoming Events!

I will be at some launch meet n’ greet parties in Los Angeles in the next week. A couple of awesome local yarn shops have asked me to stop by and show off the comic and talk knitting and comic books with all the awesome knitters who frequent their shops. I’m really glad to be able to do two meet n’ greets at times that should be convenient for many people.

  • Saturday, January 24, 2009, 1-3 PM at Needlepoints West at 6227 West 87th St., Los Angeles. 310-670-8857.
  • Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 6-8 PM: A Mano Yarn Center at 12808 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles. 310-397-7170.

Updated Website

We’ve added the Shop Locator to our website. If you still haven’t put your hands on a copy of Handknit Heroes, check out the local listings to find a shop. And if your favorite shop isn’t listed, ask the shop owner to carry it!

I also updated the design guidelines today to give a few more suggestions for colors and what we’re specifically looking for in our upcoming issues. If you’re a designer or would like to be, go take a look.

And as of this morning, we have a quicker checkout for advertising. We still want you to make contact first, just so we don’t oversell any issues, but you can now add an advertisement to your cart and pay for it online.

Shout Outs!

Mad props to the blogosphere for getting the word out. We have a couple of sightings and another unrelated coolness:

Crafty Ginger posted a quick review on her blog.

Hege posted in her blog about getting her copy.

Danido posted another shout-out on their videoblog (approx. 6 minutes 50 seconds in).

We’re now in the Comic Books app on Facebook. If you use it for your pull lists or collections, stop by and add it in.

And in unrelated awesomeness: Kniiting for the Wii, this one sent to my by my mom’s hubby Oren.

Update frequency to ease soon

I promise, the frequency of update emails and posts will slow down as we head out of the post-launch frenzy and get back to doing what we do best: making a cool comic book for knitters! So if you’re thinking “I don’t know if I want to hear from them every day,” just hang in there. I already know that things heat up just before and after we release an issue, then cool off during our development cycle.

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