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Sorry for massive postiness!

Sorry for the massive amounts of postings today. I had set up cross posting from my comic book blog, and I forgot to tell my blog not to cross post to the e-mail list, or to LiveJournal. Anyway, sorry for posting a few too many times today!

Knitters Save the World, Submissions Still Open

In case you don’t know, Keep the Fleece is part of the International Year of Natural Fibres to promote natural fiber use and raise money for Heifer International.

Handknit Heroes is about knitting superheroes who save the world.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

We’re making Keep the Fleece the focus of our charitable efforts this year. As a result, proceeds from our Mask Design Contest will go to benefit the Heifer Project as a team donation for the World’s Longest Scarf. We’re also sponsoring one of the KTF contest categories, and we’re participating in the Worlds Longest Scarf project. We’re inviting you to join our super-heroic team of scarf-creators! Check out the charity page for details and information on how to join our team!

Summer Submissions Still Open

Here’s another way to get in the Handknit Heroes team! We’re still looking for a great pattern for our Summer issue. The deadline for a design proposal is Friday, February 27th, with a final submitted pattern deadline of March 20. Check our guidelines for more details and information.

Events, Bonus Page, and Shout outs!

A Little Bonus: Exclusive on

Marc and I spent an intense week or so working on a 1-page promotional ad which is currently running exclusively on It’s a cute little piece to introduce Handknit Heroes to a wider audience– it’s at the end of every PDF download of a knitting pattern for the next couple of months.

Here’s my favorite frame from the bonus page:


Where do I get a Copy?

We’ve been getting this question a lot this week, and although it’s answered in the FAQ, I thought I’d also answer it here.

You can buy a copy of Handknit Heroes at local yarn shops. You can find a shop through our store locator. If your local shop isn’t in the locator, please let them know about the comic so they can think about carrying it.

You can also subscribe to Handknit Heroes through our website.

You can also buy single issues directly from us at events, like the TKGA show in May (Portland), Maker Faire (San Francisco), and Alexandra Palace (London).

We don’t sell single copies from our site, but if you can’t find a store near you, try calling the nearest shop to see if they’ll sell you one by mail-order. A lot of local yarn shops are happy to do this, and most people don’t realize that they don’t have to be a walk-in customer to support local stores.

Alexandra Palace in October!

We’ve also been hard at work planning our attendance and participation at a large show in the UK! We’re going to have a nice little booth at the Knitting & Stitching show at Alexandra Palace on October 8-11. It’s a big event with a huge marketplace, and we hope you’ll come meet Marc and me and buy a few comics. We will both be there and signing copies on-site, so you’re welcome to bring your copies to be signed. The show is just a few weeks before the winter issue (Issue #4) ship out to subscribers and shops, so we’ll have some preview pages for you to see at the show– a great reason to come by the booth!
Shout Outs

We had a great shout-out over on PassionKnitly last week, who also blogged about going to the New York Comic Con this week. Sadly, we missed Comic Con in NY, and if Marc or I go to San Diego this summer, it’ll probably be as attendees, so I have much envy that you were able to go.

Dyeabolical Yarns posted a quick review of the comic book. She’s an indie hand-dyer with an etsy shop who dyed colorways like “Dark Knight” and “Devil Jonah.” My favorite? “Mutant Purple.” I should bug her to dye up some aran-weight Handknit Heroes colorways!

And last but definitely not least, I did an interview at the Mystery House of Yarn about creating Handknit Heroes, what’s coming next, and the whole process of writing a comic and putting it out there for the world.

Don’t forget– you can send your shout-outs to me by email, or post a comment over on the updates blog.

TKGA Show, Shops Outside the US, and More Shout Outs

It’s official! We’ll be in Booth #60 at the Knit and Crochet Show May 14-16 in Portland, Oregon. Lots of knitting and crochet, classes and education, knitting, vendors, crochet, and comic books! We’ll have Issues 1 and 2 available, kits for sale, and of course, you can subscribe on the spot. Events are the only time you can buy single issues directly from us without being a subscriber (subscribers will be able to purchase back issues).

I’ll also be attending Stitches West as an attendee, but I’ll be wearing ComicKnits/Handknit Heroes T-shirts all weekend, so if you see me, stop and say hi!

New Shops!

I want to welcome a couple of our new shops, in Canada and the UK! Wabi-Sabi in Ottawa is the place to go if you’re looking for a knitting comic book. And I Knit London will be carrying it on their shelves very soon!

Remember, you can find a shop carrying Handknit Heroes at the Shop Locator page.

Shout Outs

The Knitting Contest Blog posted about our Mask Design Contest.

Two Knives Katie took her RV to San Antonio last week (RV shoutout!), where she found Handknit Heroes at local yarn shop Yarnivore!

Knit One, Poet Two gave us a great shout-out/link love! Thanks!

Another forum shoutout, this time over at Creative Living.

Yea I Knit curled up with Handknit Heroes and some dishcloth knitting last week.

Fran Ortmeyer at the Clover Blog met us at the TNNA show (not CHA, sorry– we know they blend together when they’re so close!)

And somehow, I missed Rebecca’s Knit Blog’s shoutout in late January. She also shows off her lovely knitted coffee cosy.

Knit on My Cat (love the name) posted a long, thorough review of Handknit Heroes, chock full of useful, loving critique, and linking to a review from her husband, the non-knitting comic-lover. Thanks for the great reviews, both of you– it’s wonderful to get a good look at the comic from different perspectives.

Thanks for all the shout-outs and linky love, folks!

Mask Design Contest, Press, and Shout-outs!

Mask Design Contest!

As you may have noticed, Ana Miller needs a mask! For our Fall issue, we’ve decided to host a Mask Design Contest. Check out the guidelines and come back in a couple of weeks for the entry form. The deadline is June 15, 2009, and the winning design will be selected based on knitability, wearability, and drawability. Judges include myself, Marc, and Jill Sanders, a talented and versatile fiber artist from the Santa Cruz Mountains in California.

Press Coverage

We’ve had quite a bit of press coverage lately, but it was very gratifying to read the 10-page interview Marc did with RKYV Online. The interview starts on page 9 and includes tons of artwork from Marc’s other comics and from Handknit Heroes. If you’re looking for a great internal look at the art of Handknit Heroes, go check this out! The last page of the interview, page 19 has some minor story spoilers.

My favorite quote from the interview:

RJP: What do you think of the term “starving artist”?

Marc: I think it’s insulting to people who are actually starving.

Website Updates: FAQ and Issue #1 Profile Page

We’ve had a few requests for interior art for Issue #1, so we’ve added artwork to the home page. No spoilers here, but you’ll find some of the artwork and links to all our blog posts including the shout outs.

We also added an FAQ page for the more common questions we receive about the comic (including the red text boxes!) If you have questions, feel free to drop us a note using the contact page– we’d love to hear from you!

Shout Outs!

LimeDragon posted a great review of the comic (and the red text boxes).

Pieceful Ewe gave us a great shout out, including some killer one-liners!

Many welcomes to those of you who’ve found Handknit Heroes via the Mason-Dixon Knitting blog! Thanks for the shout-out!

Knitting Without Needles gave us a shout-out– did you know her alter ego is the Knitting Ninja?

Aly Knits and Knits had a “wow– I’ve seen it all” moment when she saw our comic. But then, I guess the pull was too strong. Our powers of persuasion were too much, and she subscribed.

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