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The Silverton Casino: $5 Blackjack in Las Vegas

Red dice

It used to be pretty standard that you could find at least one blackjack table with a $5 minimum. Before blackjack became all the rage about 10 years ago, you could even find tables with $2 or $3 minimums. Those days are all but gone on the Strip, but if you’re a blackjack player, there are a few places to play for less.

One of the local favorites is the Silverton, which has table games, slots, poker, a few restaurants, a massive aquarium with mermaid show, a showroom, and a Bass Pro Shops.

Yes, really– they have a Bass Pro Shop on site. The Silverton always has $5 blackjack tables– during popular times and days, they may only have one table, but they’ll have at least 1 open.

There are only 2 pits here, and several of the table games are what I call the “oddball” games, like Pai Gow Poker, 3 Card Poker, Mini-Baccarat. I’m a classicist when it comes to table games– I like craps and blackjack, and the other games don’t really get my attention.

The poker room has nightly Texas Hold Em tournaments, with Fridays being Ladies Night (women get a discount on their buy-in). Most of the action starts after 6 or 7, and I understand it’s hard to get together a no-limit Texas Hold Em cash game. But if you like limit Hold Em, or you’re into tournament play, this is a good spot to go.

The restaurants are Vegas-style, but the Silverton’s having a special until the end of December (2008): 2 for 1 at all the restaurants. This makes it very affordable for couples, whether you’re enjoying a pasta dish with a view of the aquarium, or “fajitas and ritas” (which have their own special price and come with enough fajitas for 3 meals!)

Events change frequently, and the Silverton recently hosted the National Rodeo Trials, but also has Smashmouth playing on January 3rd, so a good mix for visitors. It’s not a kid-oriented place– for that, you need to go to the Excalibur or Circus Circus. But kids do enjoy the mermaid show at the aquarium, so it doesn’t completely alienate families.

The Silverton is away from the Strip, down Highway 15 to Blue Diamond Road. There are daily shuttles to the Forum Shops, Oasis RV park, the Outlet Mall, and a few other spots, so if you’re trying to get around, it’s easy enough. Plus, free, uncrowded parking is available if you have a car.

Silverton Casino Lodge
3333 Blue Diamond Road
Las Vegas, NV 89139
(866) 946-4373

I found my book at Fry’s the other day

I was at Fry’s Electronics on Saturday, buying a replacement hard drive for one that’s starting to fail (see? Pre-emptive strike!) While there, I browsed over to the books section and found my book Videoblogging for Dummies on the shelf, facing outward… with a marked down price of $15.

I was as excited to find it as I was the second or third time I found one of my books in a store (the first time is unique). It never gets old. Probably if I were a really popular writer who has movie deals and big center-aisle displays and lots of trailing mid-list authors who coattail on their marketing…. then it might get old. I mean, how many times can you walk into a bookstore and squee?

But for the low-list author who’s never sure she’ll find herself on the shelves, it’s always exciting and I always feel a little bit special.

Inferno Kindle Sample

The sample for Inferno by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle (Kindle price: $9.32) pulls you into the story right away, and only leaves off after the story has motion. Like The Book Thief and The Graveyard… read more…

Originally posted to Hubpages as Inferno Kindle Sample. Click through for the whole article and leave a comment.

ReCaptcha fixed

I hopefully fixed the re-captcha on my blog. It was an incompatibility with my template. If someone can please check it on an iPhone, I’d appreciate it. It turns out it was happening on Firefox as well, and probably all the other cool browsers.

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