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Christmas in Las Vegas

img_1218.JPGTwas the week before Christmas and all through the park
Not a creature was stirring, not even a lark.
The stockings were piled on the rig’s steering wheel
And we were home from the buffet after a great big meal.
The presents were on their way to loved ones,
We dreamed of a Christmas in Nevada’s sun.
When what to my wondering eyes, don’t you know?
But a stiff breeze and sleet and then– SNOW!
It fell soft like wings. It flew in flurries!
It blanketed campsites and made little dogs worry.
The white stuff it fell until early dawning,
And left layers of white stuff on every cold awning.
The palm trees, they sagged with the weight of the stuff.
The hoses, they froze. The retirees cried “ENOUGH!”
And I in my wooly slippers and hat
Was surprised by a sight, “Well, look at that!”
Twas a round little man in a jolly red suit
With sequins and spangles– almost a zoot.
His hair how it shone, his hips how wiggly!
He crooned to himself a tune quite jiggly.
As he passed by the rigs with barely a touch,
I heard him mutter “Thank you very much.”
The sun rose to spread its rays the next morn
We all were relieved to again feel warm!
It’s a curious sight in this land of mega
Hotels and casinos, Christmas in Las Vegas.
And I have a message here, a note from a friend,
A thought for you all, feel free to re-send.
Before you run off to win a few bucks,
Merry Christmas to All, and to All: GOOD LUCK!

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