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I have a few new squidoo lenses and hubpage hubs up (i.e.: Topic-specific Web Pages!). Check them out– some are designed for selling stuff (like the Videoblogging for Dummies one), but most are there because I felt like writing something short about something, and wanted to drop it into some place with an actual marketing plan (unlike my blog 😉

Anyone out there in blog-land write for Squidoo or Hubpages? Post a comment, tell me where your pages are! It’d be a refreshing change from the pharmaceutical comment spams I receive. Really– I appreciate the concern. But should I worry that there seem to be thousands of commenters who think I need to be medicated?

Ah, anyway. The links:

Holiday Related:

Ideas for Non-Gaudy Holiday Decorations: Some suggestions for making holiday decorations and window displays that don’t make anyone’s eyes bleed.

How to train a dog to stop chewing on electrical cords: Basic dog training applied to stopping a potentially dangerous behavior.

Writing Thank You Cards: Post-holiday etiquette: Is an email OK as a Thank You card?

Travel and RV:

U.S. Travel: Kind of a generic blog-to-Squidoo focus.

Living in an RV: The top 5 questions I get about living in an RV: Answered!

Paperless Home Office: I think you’ve seen most of this content before, but it bears repeating.

About Books and Writing:

Reading eBooks: All hail the Kindle….

Zombie Novels: Book reviews of 4 zombie novels that I read this year and loved.

Videoblogging for Dummies: Promoting the book, of course.

How to Write Funny Jokes: The funny thing about this one? The most un-funny person in the world wrote it!


Keeping Your Boundaries: Relationship advice from someone who’s worked hard to establish and maintain personal boundaries.

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