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Recent Scribblings: Check it out!

I have a few new squidoo lenses and hubpage hubs up (i.e.: Topic-specific Web Pages!). Check them out– some are designed for selling stuff (like the Videoblogging for Dummies one), but most are there because I felt like writing something short about something, and wanted to drop it into some place with an actual marketing plan (unlike my blog 😉

Anyone out there in blog-land write for Squidoo or Hubpages? Post a comment, tell me where your pages are! It’d be a refreshing change from the pharmaceutical comment spams I receive. Really– I appreciate the concern. But should I worry that there seem to be thousands of commenters who think I need to be medicated?

Ah, anyway. The links:

Holiday Related:

Ideas for Non-Gaudy Holiday Decorations: Some suggestions for making holiday decorations and window displays that don’t make anyone’s eyes bleed.

How to train a dog to stop chewing on electrical cords: Basic dog training applied to stopping a potentially dangerous behavior.

Writing Thank You Cards: Post-holiday etiquette: Is an email OK as a Thank You card?

Travel and RV:

U.S. Travel: Kind of a generic blog-to-Squidoo focus.

Living in an RV: The top 5 questions I get about living in an RV: Answered!

Paperless Home Office: I think you’ve seen most of this content before, but it bears repeating.

About Books and Writing:

Reading eBooks: All hail the Kindle….

Zombie Novels: Book reviews of 4 zombie novels that I read this year and loved.

Videoblogging for Dummies: Promoting the book, of course.

How to Write Funny Jokes: The funny thing about this one? The most un-funny person in the world wrote it!


Keeping Your Boundaries: Relationship advice from someone who’s worked hard to establish and maintain personal boundaries.

A 4-letter word

We woke up this morning to this:


See the Jeep?

S N 0 W!

It’s a 4-letter word, I tell ya! When John read the forecast to me yesterday, I asked him why we hadn’t packed up yet, why we were still here! It’s fricking SNOWING!!!! There’s snow! On our Jeep! On the ground! On the trees! In the air! Yes– this isn’t just a freak overnight flurry– it was still snowing this morning when I went outside (in my pajamas) and took this picture (the things I do for this blog continue to amaze, I know).


In completely related news: We are moving on to Las Vegas later this week. Provided I-40 isn’t shut down due to snow and ice! ACK!

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