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August Books


Invincible #2 TPB: The second in the Invincible comic book series, and the first inklings about the real identity of Invincible’s father.



Kiss Me, Annabelle: A fun Regency romance from a witty writer.

#47: Runaways Vol. 2 : Second in the Runaways compilations, the continuing adventures of the offspring of the mysterious supervillain syndicate The Pride.
Pleasure for Pleasure :Another fun Regency, set after Kiss Me, Annabel and The Taming of the Duke. I really liked this one in particular because Josie is like sooooo many of her readers– a little “plump,” and painfully aware and self-conscious about it.

The Practical Paperless Office Using Microsoft, Adobe, and Some Sage Advice: Methods, Organization, Hardware and Software to Create a Clutter Free Work Environment, by Matthew R. Halpin. I almost feel like I shouldn’t count this as a “book” since it’s a very brief (14 page) e-book in PDF form and really, it’s more like a report. In any case, I did review it over at the Paperless Home Office Blog, so if you’re looking for a thorough review of this one, check there.


The Myth of the Paperless Office, by Abigail J. Sellen, Richard H. R. Harper


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  1. I just finished Runaways Vol 1. It was ok. I’ll prolly get vol 2 and stop once Brian Vaughn is not the writer. I finished the Y Last Man Series and Pride of Bagdhad. Loved the former Ok on the latter.

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