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Road Rage: Going on the road got rid of my anger

A few years ago, I was consumed by anger. All the time, I felt a low-level current of anger and rage, directed at no one. I drove 40 minutes in heavy, stop-and-go traffic to get to a job where I sat inside a plastic-walled cubicle every day from 9 in the morning until 5 or […]

Featured in Carnival of Travelers was featured in the Carnival of Travelers blog carnival today, which highlighted posts on U.S. travel around the blogosphere. Check it out for some great posts, tips, and stories. My favorite? The post about Mesa Verde, which provides historical context for this desert destination. Originally posted to Life on the Road.

Knowing What You Have

Ah, inventory management. I never thought of myself as the kind of person who would enjoy entering, cataloging, and maintaining an inventory, and yet… There is something infinitely satisfying about pulling up a site like LibraryThing, or opening Delicious Library to see, at a glance, whether or not I have a particular book I’m looking […]

Featured in Festival of Frugality and Customer Service Carnivale.

Life on the Road was featured in the Festival of Frugality and the Customer Service Carnivale. Check out the Festival of Frugality for tons of ways to save money and reduce debt. For the business-minded among you, let the Customer Service Carnivale be a free lesson in Customer Service 101! Originally posted to Life on […]

Housecleaning and Stuff Management

I did the Compact last year for 4 months, from January to May. Why only 4 months? Because I knew that moving into an RV was time-consuming and would require things we didn’t already have and couldn’t get otherwise. I like to think that by selling, giving away, and recycling nearly everything else in my […]

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