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Fads, Interests, and Hobbies

Something I notice these days is that we go through “fads” of activity. I was like this before, in the stick house, but it’s even more pronounced now that we have such limited space. I’ll go through phases of hobbies– for a few months, I’ll obsessively knit. Or I’ll want to do nothing but work […]

Camping in Arizona: The Day I Learned to Like Parking Lots

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Last Fall, we had planned to go to Arizona to meet up with my dad and stepmom during their vacation, and visit Sedona and the Grand Canyon. We’d been to Sedona  in 1999 for our 1-year wedding anniversary, and were looking forward to a return visit.
I made reservations very early for September, but failed (in […]

Tickled Elbows Blog Carnival #1

Blog Carnival tickled elbows archives | submit post Rate: 0 ratings Welcome to the July 25, 2008 edition of tickled elbows. The criteria for this blog carnival are simple; your blog post must make me chuckle. If it doesn’t tickle my funny bone, it doesn’t get into the carnival. But if your post didn’t make […]

From Grandma’s House: A wheel

One of the items my grandmother left to me was a spinning wheel. It’s a “great wheel” (or walking wheel), slightly more than 3 feet across, and it has the wheel and a gear, but nothing else. The other day, I was able to bring it home in the Jeep– we have absolutely no idea […]

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