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A Stormy 4th

No, it’s not storming here. In fact, it’s a beautiful, sunny day (we should really get outside and enjoy it!)

So, since the weather is beautiful, why am I talking about storms? Because I recently frogged the KAL shawl I was working on, and it has been reborn as the storm shawl!

Storm Shawl

Storm Shawl

The center is a tight spiral, like a hurricane or storm pattern (coincidentally, also the kind of tight spiral I was looking for when I was considering making a galaxy shawl).

After this, there’ll be a lightning round– a round of the shawl that represents electrical lightning.

Then a round of rain, as captured by beadwork.

And finally, a wavy edged border to bind everything off.

I’ve knitted almost 40 rows of the spiral, and I like what it’s doing so far. Certainly, it is behaving much more now that I’ve embraced the chaos of this yarn and have stopped trying to make it conform to the rigid requirements of a mandala.

The 4th of July: Big Picture, Small Stage

The 4th of July (known as Independence Day before a major movie company had to monetize even that) has always been a local holiday in my mind. I mean, I know it’s a nationwide ad campaign holiday. It celebrates the founding of our nation (with dirt-cheap cell phone plans).
But when I was a kid growing […]

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