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TKGA: No Progress

Another week of no progress on the TKGA Master program. Last week was very busy– went to the STC conference in Philadelphia, where I had very little time to knit, then we moved up to the Adirondacks. It took us 3 days because we had to check out of one place on Friday, and couldn’t check into our new place until yesterday.

On the road, I worked on the fear sweater– I finished one sleeve and am working on the second. I tried on the first sleeve and my arm almost caught fire. It’s about 100 degrees here this weekend. Yowsa! The sweater will be super-warm when it’s done, though!

Anyway, I’ll be working more on the TKGA swatches this week and next week, including perhaps World Wide Knit in Public day, which is next Saturday. I just didn’t have time or ability this week (no TKGA knitting in the RV– it’s too bumpy and I might make mistakes!)

Please send good, hungry thoughts to my cat. Alladin has not really been eating this week, and although he needed to lose weight, he’s starting to worry me now. I keep telling him he’s had enough dieting and can eat now, but he won’t listen.

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