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D.C. to Mass

Weather hindered our plans in D.C., but we did get out and do stuff a few days. We went to the Navy Memorial (in the rain) and museum. On a sunnier day, we did the mall and monument walk: We visited the WWII memorial, which was pretty cool, but John felt it lacked sufficient recognition […]

Master Knitting Program progress

I’ve been told this process is easier if I blog about it on the way. One of my friends once said that I was the kind of person who, when doing something for the first time, I invite an audience along for the ride, even though what I do might be utter crap. This is […]

We can’t tell if they’re identical or fraternal twins….

I’ve been working on knitting this pair of socks. It’s a pattern called Jaywalker, really popular free pattern that a lot of people have made. Usually when I make socks, I embrace their fraternalness at the outset. Even when I make socks out of monochromatic yarns, the two socks don’t match perfectly or completely. The […]

Maryland Sheep & Wool

I am going to have to draw out the Maryland Sheep & Wool amazement a bit, but I wanted to share this, because it is just about one of the coolest things I have ever seen. This is a nice, heavy, supported (i.e.: non-dropping) spindle for spinning yarn. You turn the big wheel at the […]

April 2008: Book Reviews

#18 The Hallowed Hunt, by Lois Mcmaster Bujold. Read this as an audiobook from This was a great third book in the Curse of Chalion series. It’s set outside of Chalion, and in a different area of magic (spirit animals and ancient, ancient old-king-sacrifice ritual, rather than demons and saints). I like this series […]

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