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Walpole Day Showcases Small-Town Civic Pride

Yesterday, I drove around the little towns outside of Boston (and not far from Norwood, where my grandmother lives), in search of yarn shops. I mainly found myself lost, many times, on country-sized roads cutting through green neighborhoods with a decidedly small town air. And then, I got to Walpole. Bordering Norwood on Highway 1, […]

Hoodie Progress(ish)

I have knit 5 rows on the hoodie. I realized partway into row 6 that I’m using the wrong needle. I’m using the gauge needle. I’m supposed to use the “one needle smaller than gauge” for this part of the sweater. I can either keep going on the wrong-gauge needle and accept a slightly looser […]

TKGA Progress report 2

You’re just going to be wowed by my productivity this week (yes, I am trying to do these weekly). I bought a purple binder and put the instructions into it: I found some downloadable knitting journal pages and printed them out: I put swatch #2 into a sleeve protector (it’s still unblocked!) No, really. It’s […]

Project Fear: Part II

Y’all are so great. I swatched for the hooded sweater last night. This yarn is a single, which means it does something different when I knit with it– one side of the stitches is tighter than the other (I assume because of the way the yarn twists when making the stitches). The result is that […]

Project Fear

I have a project in my queue. It has, in fact, recently come to the top of the queue. It’s a sweater. For me. It’s not just any sweater, though. It’s loverly, with cables on the edgings and cuffs, and it’s shaped to fit a plus-sized goddess like me. It has a hood. It will […]

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