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TKGA Progress Report and Fear Project Progress

I frogged Swatch #2, because it turns out I did it wrong:


Swatch #2: Stockinette Stitch

See the ribbing at the bottom there? It turns out, that’s supposed to be K1P1 ribbing (it’s K2P2 as shown). Frogged and reusing the yarn for Swatch 1, which I also frogged earlier.

Going on a recommendation in the TKGA group on Ravelry, I decided to re-start with Swatch #3, because Seed Stitch sometimes needs a smaller needle. This is my swatch #3:


Swatch #3: Seed Stitch

See all the little holes in it? Those aren’t supposed to be there. Aside from going down yet another needle size (which would mean knitting worsted yarn on size 4’s… not my preference), I don’t really know how to fix this problem. I snugged up all the stitches as I knitted them. Perhaps re-doing the swatch at a different time of day will help.

I also cast on and knitted about an inch of K2P2 to re-do Swatch #1 last night.

And as long as I have you here, here’s an update on the sweater-of-fear progress:


Susie Hoodie Sweater

I’m now at the waist shaping decreases. I am deathly afraid that I will run out of yarn, given the size of this sweater. I already know how many stitches I can get out of a skein of this yarn, so perhaps I should count up how many stitches it takes to make the whole sweater. Except I’m afraid that number will be so high, I will shove the sweater into my bag and never look at it again.

And a closeup of the cable pattern:


Susie Hoodie Sweater: Cables

The shawl I’ve been working on is going, albeit slowly. I have 42 grams of yarn left out of the 100 gram skein, which means I am more than halfway done. According to the pattern as written, I can cast off at any time and have a human-sized shawl.


Bold Casual Shawl

That’s it. I have a long ranty rant about yesterday and how technology kicked my butt, but suffice to say that the death of my keyboard was only one in a long series of instances of technology beating me up yesterday. I lost by 6 points for the day.


Gratuitous sock yarn picture: machine washable Jitterbug yarn in Popsicle colorway

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