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R.I.P.: My keyboard. And some other stuff.

My Adesso keyboard is an ergonomic split-keys keyboard with a trackpad in the middle of the board.

I like it, and find it usable, but it’s the only splitty ergo keyboard with a trackpad in the middle of the board available, so I’m a bit locked in for keyboards to like.

As of today, it’s dead. The right shift key gets interpreted as a capital “D.” The left shift key is read as “find.” I am now on the prowl for a replacement keyboard.

There is a spare one in my storage locker in Scotts Valley.

Where John was, less than a week ago.

And didn’t go into the storage locker to get my keyboard (I did ask him to before he left, but he never made it there).


In unrelated news: We are in Connecticut this week for a wedding. Arrived yesterday. We’re staying in the smallest campground ever– it’s 13 sites in a small parking lot. But it’s fine, and inexpensive for the location.

There’s a wildfire burning in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is not near our (soon to be former, I hope) house. It is, however, close to my mother-in-law’s home. John is checking in with the sisters to make sure she’s fine. It’s 5 miles away from her. Last time it got that close, we thought about evacuating her, but it turned out to be unnecessary.

I’m now a writer over at as of yesterday.

And about 2 weeks ago I quietly launched/started Vagabond Writer, to showcase my travel and freelance writing efforts. Check it out, let me know what you think!

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