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Fun and Games

I’ve been playing a couple of games lately, some new, some old, and wanted to share a couple with you all:

Zombie Fluxx by Looney Labs is a variant on my favorite card game, Fluxx. It adds Zombies to the game, making it harder to win (in most cases, you cannot win with zombies). If you’ve been feeling like your Fluxx games have become a little stale (just a little), try this one out.

My ever-favorite Dino Dice. Dinosaurs. Dice. Some dice eat the other dinosaurs. What’s not to love?

Zombie in my Pocket . It’s a free solitaire game, and it’s still in beta, so the artwork is very stick figuresque. You download it, print it out on cardstock, cut it out, and play. It’s a bit like Mystery Mansion, if you remember that game from long-ago, in that it’s a tile-laying game.

The next download-and-play game I want to try, just in time for Easter, is Peep War, a game using marshmallow Peeps and jellybeans as game pieces. Tomorrow is Easter– print this one out today to play tomorrow! It is a 90-minute game, so probably not right for little kids (unless you want to introduce an optional “eat your opponent’s playing piece” rule).

Oh, and I found a travel-sized Carcassonne on eBay, which is on its way.

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