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Sketchbook Sámara

The following sketches are from our trip to Costa Rica earlier this month. I brought with me a couple of small Moleskine cahier notebooks– one was my Spanish word book (where I copy all the words I know in Spanish), and the other was for sketching. I also brought along three blank postcards by Winsor & Newton. The small Moleskine notebooks are great for when you want a small purpose-dedicated notebook to use for special projects.

I used a permanent black pen (one of the sketchbook pages uses blue pen, but it wasn’t permanent enough) and Prismacolor watercolor pencils. I learned this technique at the art class in Yosemite last year.

This is the postcard I sent to Grandma:


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Tatting, knitting, etc.

I’m knitting a sweater from Big Girl Knits called “Bombshell.” It’s a top-down, raglan sleeves (possibly no seams– I have to check), with lots of shaping and short rows to accommodate chests, hips, stomachs, etc. It’s coming along nicely, but I worry it may end up being too big, or I might run out of yarn. Eep. The yarn is superwash wool, and my swatch did shrink a bit in the wash, so I’m hoping that when the finished sweater goes through the wash, it will snug up perfectly. Of course the smart thing would have been to take the balls of yarn, convert them into hanks, wash the hanks in the laundry, and then knit the sweater (post-shrinkage). What can I say? I am not the smartest girl in the toolshed.


I’ve also made a little tatted motif (#11 of 25) to go on my tatting design notebook. This notebook is where I chart out motifs and designs to try out, or where I play around with freeform designs (like the one on the cover, which is simple, but freeform in that I didn’t really work from a pattern).


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