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A tatted swap

Finally, I finished re-making/replacing the wrist cuff bracelet I’ve been working on. I wanted to do a simple pattern and work it into a bracelet, so that is exactly what I did: This is four strips of tatting– two bands of two rows each worked into each other, then the two bands are woven together […]

The Paperless Lifestyle Part 2 – JohnnyB

In Part 1 I discussed using Bill Pay to reduce your front-end work at going paperless. In Part 2, I will quickly cover scanning, shredding, online storage, and the all-important regular backup. But first a disclaimer: Electronic record keeping as a replacement for real paper is governed by many overlapping laws, rules and corporate policies, […]

Another tatted thing

In mid-January, I tackled some silk hankies: which I bought in December at Pam’s store. Hankies are single silkworm cocoons that have been prepped and “spread out” into squares that are about the same size and shape as handkerchiefs. I spun them on my drop spindle, into this lovely laceweight yarn: There’s all of 2 […]

Kennedy Space Center and other stuff

As Johnny mentioned in the last post, we’ve been exploring SPACE the past two weeks. We went to the Kennedy Space Center twice to see the exhibits and the shuttle and learn a bit about the space program. There’s a full-scale orbiter to explore at the KSC, so we did…. A very large area in […]

“They Say It’s Your Birthday!”, because it is. -JohnnyB

So today was my birthday. We went to the Kennedy Space Center and did the “Up Close Tour”. We saw the shuttle on the pad (but the orbiter itself was hidden beneath the rotating service structure), the assembly buildings, Saturn V exhibit, etc. We experienced the Shuttle Launch Simulator. On the nature side, we saw […]

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