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Virtual Bank Line

I dreamed I pulled off a huge heist, like $90 billion, from the federal reserve (I know, that’s chump change to the feds). In the course of the heist, I got caught, and was shot some 80 times by one of my partners in crime (the inside woman). She died of her injuries (you think […]

Relaxing in Key Largo

My husband and I visited the John Pennekamp State Park, on Key Largo last weekend for snorkeling and relaxation. The snorkeling was okay, the relaxation…. First, let me start out by saying that Saturday was a very frustrating day for me. We drove all day Friday, so John was pretty tired. I was more or […]

Book Reviews Available

I recently finished copying my book reviews/reading log from the 50 Book Challenge on LiveJournal over here. I combined all the posts from each month into one monthly post and categorized it under the “BookReviews-text” category. These shouldn’t have been cross-posted to LiveJournal (I didn’t want to get into headaches with backdating or flooding my […]

Pirates enter stage left….

I’m attempting to get a lot of word count done on my Regency romance novel this week. My goal is 20,000 words, which would bring it up to 30,500. 200 words into my writing this morning, and I have this little exchange: Anna smiled, looking over at Emily. “Remember the trip to Dover?” She turned […]

#8: Another choker

This tatted choker is for ME! Same basic idea as the black one I made last week, but in light blue. It’s pretty, but as it turns out, it might be about one half of an inch too big.

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