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More tatting!

Yes, I am like a binge crafter, I know!

First, I decided to do an extended tatted piece. This is a simple traditional edging, worked from the ball (every tatter recognizes this piece– it’s the one they all do). This is needle tatted in size 8 cotton thread, color is peach (same as the previous little practice piece I did before). I think it’s just under 2 feet long. I sent it to my friend Inga in a letter.


A close-up:


The second “complete” piece I did was for a handmade-items swap on swap-bot. It’s a medallion, also worked in the same #8 peach thread and also needle tatted, from the ball:


The pattern is from the Priscilla Tatting book #3, which was published in 1924 and is available online through the in PDF format. I didn’t starch-block this, just wet and ironed it. I wanted the recipient to be able to use it as an applique on a quilt– she’s a quilt-maker, so I thought she might enjoy this bit to use as a motif somewhere.

Because ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) are a very popular “extra” to include in a swap on swap-bot, I made a small ATC with the pattern and a tiny motif from the medallion.


I posted in the Ravelry L.A.C.E. group about starting a tat-along after finishing this medallion, and the first reply I got pointed me towards Tat it and See which is a mystery tat-along by designer Jane Eborall. I’ve worked up through Day 3. The pattern is challenging for me, because I’m shuttle tatting it, and it uses chains and split rings. I’ve only done chains on a needle, and never done split rings before. I learned both for this pattern (the chains are in Day 4, coming soon!)



I’m especially delighted, because in my “research phase,” I had found Ms. Eborall’s patterns page, loved it, but forgot to bookmark it and couldn’t find it later. Now I have it, and shall make many geckos and probably a few flamingos.

In visiting her blog, I also found the 25 Motif Challenge which I may or may not complete. In any case, consider the first three little bits to be the first three out of 25.

I am also working on a wrist cuff bracelet in #12 thread (thread gets more and more fine the higher the number, like wire gauge). Since I’m not really happy with how it turned out so far, I’m not going to post a picture of it just yet. Stay tuned. Watch the blog.

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4 thoughts on “More tatting!”

  1. Fantastic! The 25 motif challenge is an excellent motivator and as you get to know other tatters, you’ll learn sooooo much. Great start here!

    🙂 Gina

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of Tatting! LOL It sounds and looks like you are off to a great start! I think you’ll have all 25 motifs in no time!

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