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Finished! Knitted gifts, simple gifts, 2008 Goals

The reason this post has been delayed is because the big news I have in here spoils a birthday surprise. But her birthday was yesterday (happy birthday, sis!) and if she hasn’t got her mail by now… well, I just can’t help.
The second stole I knitted for Secret of the Stole is done and of the blocking boards!

Secret of the Stole

This is the one knitted for my sister, in Skacel Merino Lace, lilac/lavender color with purple seed beads. I suck because I didn’t take close-ups before I mailed it to her (to be fair, I was under a big deadline to get it out before her birthday arrived, and competing with the holiday and weekend for a speedy delivery!)
There’s another birthday present on my needles right now, though it won’t be ready quite in time for my godmother’s birthday (the 8th). I’m making her a pair of lacy socks, which I know she will love– she has already seen the yarn and had her foot measured, so it’s not like it will be a big surprise. One of the socks is already done, and the second is on the needles. I’m confident I will finish them very soon.
I prefer not to completely surprise people with knitted gifts. In this way, I can avoid some heartache by not spending hours and hours knitting something that goes unappreciated. There is something I am working on right now that I wonder if it will be liked by the recipient– I know she will love it, but I’m not sure she’ll like it. For that matter, I’m not sure that I like it!
I am also working on something that I will finish before deciding if I want to keep it or give it to my aunt. It’s the kind of thing I don’t have to ask if she would like– she appreciates handwork and creativity very much, and is an accomplished artist herself.
I also finished reading 100 books in 2007! In 2008, I think I will slow down a bit and not try for more than 50.
I’m participating in (and moderating the forum for) the Big, Fun, Scary Adventure in 2008.
  • To make an amigurumi version of the Guardians of the Beam from the Dark Tower series. Because it’s fun and big and not at all practical. [I have selected and ordered my yarn for this goal, and will work on eyes and patterns next!]
  • To lose 8 inches off my waist. Excess belly fat is the most dangerous part of my weight problem. Losing 8 inches will likely also mean losing at least 25 lbs., which is an aggressive long-term weight loss goal. Although, let’s be honest here– my real goal is 100 lbs, but that just isn’t realistic in less than one year. [Lost 1 inch in the last 2 weeks!]
  • To learn how to play simple melodies on the harmonica. [I ordered The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Playing the Harmonica]
  • To get back to the proficiency where I can play Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring on the dulcimer (this will likely only take me about a month of real work). [Pulled out some sheet music this week.]
  • To write a romance novel and submit it to a publisher. [Looked for some good research books to get me started on setting.]
  • To finish a 10K race. Walk or run, doesn’t matter. [Eh…. no progress.]
  • To learn how to program well enough to write a program that creates and saves a file. [I bought Programming Python for the Absolute Beginner].

As a couple of bonus goals, I plan to learn to drive the RV myself this month, and brush up on some languages this year.

For each of these goals, I have a plan of attack and some resources already in the works, and I’m finding a few others as I go along. I think for January, I will focus on the waist and fitness goal and start learning the harmonica, because right now I’m more motivated to do that.
And finally, I’d like to address a nasty comment I received recently on my blog (moderated, of course). To the person who left the particular comment, which I will not repeat here, I will simply say this: I can lose weight, but you will always be stupid.
I highly recommend anyone else receiving similar, unsupportive comments to respond in a similar manner.

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