You better watch out….

You better not cry! Better not pout, I’m telling you why. John and Steph are coming to town! That’s right, folks. We will be arriving in San Francisco on Friday, December 7th, heading down to Santa Cruz on the 9th, and back up to the Bay Area on the 14th, to catch our early flight […]

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Stole progress

I think I’ve mentioned last month that I’m in the Secret of the Stole Knit-Along (there’s a SotS II coming up after this one as well). Today is the “deadline” to complete Hint 6, which means 3/4 of the stole should be complete. Well, startlingly enough, I have caught up and made the deadline. It […]

The past 10 days or so….

A quick update for you all. We went through St. Louis…. Through part of Illinois… Through a corner of Kentucky (leading to a LOT of “KY” jokes, like KY Lake, and KY Reservoir, KY river…..): And into Tennessee: Somewhere near Nashville, we saw an odd bumper sticker: It reads: “37206 We’ll steal your heart and […]

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