Secret of the Stole: Finished

Enjoy the amazing lack of detail that characterizes my photography skillz:

Clue 8 (the final clue) went very quickly:

I can’t believe I knitted the whole thing….


And a stitched-together version with more detail:
Yowza! Next task is to block it, which requires some materials which I do not currently possess.

Then to get back to my sister’s stole. I’m on Clue #2, and it would go a whole lot faster if I didn’t keep making mistakes. I don’t understand– I made a bunch of mistakes on mine, too, in the first 3 1/2 clues, and then everything was smooth sailing from the halfway point onward!

Ah, well. Such are the strangenesses of knitting.

Edit to add: The stole is a dark plum color, called Vineyard. [Stole designer Nautical Knitter’s comment prompted me to mention this– it seems to show up darker, even black, on some monitors.]

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