Next stop: St. Louis

So, for dinner/gathering tomorrow night, I suggest Raymond’s Place in Belleville; it’s reasonably close to where we’re staying, and isn’t in the middle of “town.”

Raymond’s Place
9735 W Main St
Belleville, IL 62223
(618) 397-4747

RSVP in comments if you plan to join us– right now I have Spud31 (party of 4? 6? 9? Is Mindianajones coming? Your dad and his wife are more than welcome, of course!) and Rhiannon (party of 2? 3? I believe Spud has a young lady and a baby in tow, so the Boy would be welcome). All other friends and cohorts in the STL area are of course welcome to come out and give me a hug. If we have more than 6, I should make a reservation, so let me know before noonish, mkay?

Let’s plan to get there at about 7. John and I hope to leave earlyish tomorrow, and Google Earth claims it’s a 5 hour drive. At 300 miles, it’s more like 7 with stops and getting lost and such, but we should be in by 7, and ready to relax and have someone else cook and do the dishes. 🙂

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