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NaNoWriMo Dreams

I will be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I have an idea for my novel– it involves vampires, robots, pirates, and ninjas. It is utterly silly and pathos-driven, and may end up being the most bloody thing I’ve written ever (which is saying something, since I’ve written novels or parts-of-novels in which planets die).

I will be in Chattanooga, TN for most of November, so if anyone from the area wants to start thinking NaNo parties, count me in. Just let me know where and when, and I’ll show up, laptop in bag and beer in hand.

I’m going postal

We may have run into our first hiccup with the postal service. As I’ve mentioned, we use a mail forwarding service to send our mail from South Dakota to wherever we are staying. But of course, we need to be staying there for more than a couple of days. Our mail is sent out on a Wednesday and typically reaches us on Friday or Saturday. But if we don’t get it Saturday, we won’t see it till Monday, of course.

Well, we were in Groveland (near Yosemite) through the 23rd of September (a Sunday), and didn’t receive our mail for the week. Uh oh. That was worrisome (we had not stopped delivery, and I expect something in the mail every week), so we left instructions for the campground to send it back when it arrived.

Sadly, they have no recollection of our mail arriving to be sent back, and our forwarding service says they would have called us if it had come back to them. It’s been over 10 days, so I assume it’s either lost in the mail, or the campground is lying (I’m talking to a manager tomorrow), or it was never sent in the first place. I’m kind of hoping for the third, since that’s the only way we’ll get that particular package (which should have some of my incoming swaps in it!)
Hopefully, the forwarding service simply didn’t send any mail to us that week. That would be better than the alternatives: the campground is lying, or the mail was lost entirely (which would suck).

Also, Lo Lo Mai (the place we left on Monday) doesn’t accept incoming mail for guests. So…. in essence, they are completely cut off.

We are in a place this week where we can get mail (yay!). The next time we can get mail will be sometime around the 20th of October, in Missouri.

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