I even dream in knit

When the cat allows me to sleep at night (like last night, but not the night before), I often have vivid and weird dreams. Last night’s dream was about the new Harmony wood needles I recently ordered from Knit Picks. I dreamed I picked them up at the RV park office and was holding them […]

Le Weekend

Whew! What a wonderfully busy weekend! On Saturday, John and I went to the 49er Festival and Chili Cook-Off (no pictures because I am a dork). John ate lots of chili. I spent lots of money. 😉 But really, we just had a nice time. Then yesterday, we went up to Yosemite to do a […]

I’m such a loser….

I LOST FOUR POUNDS!!!! Now, I’m sure some is water weight, time-of-day, time-of-month (not really), blah blah blah, but since starting the Walk to Hawaii plan, I’VE LOST FOUR POUNDS!!! Now who wants to walk to Hawaii with me? Think about it– Hawaii, white sand beaches, and the scenery will be nice, because I won’t […]