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I was eating dinner last night and it occurred to me that I had been in both Hollywood and Las Legas in the same day. I drove through Hollywood after midnight coming home from dinner at a friends house, slept a bit, woke up and drove our house to Vegas. We’re staying at the RV park at Main Street Station. Now when you’re navigating Vegas city streets in a 40ft RV towing a car for a total length of about 60ft it can get stressful, mostly because of having to make tight turns in heavy traffic and of not being able to turn around in smaller areas. When we first pulled in, we ended up in the wrong place around back near the loading dock. A security guard showed up in less than a minute. Mind you he was *armed* — not your run of the mill rent-a-cop. He parked his SUV in the classic position behind us, despite blocking the road. I was expecting the typical interrogation, “You can’t be here. What are you doing here?” Etc. But instead, he sized me up, approached me and, smiling, said “You folks looking for the RV park?”

“Yes sir, we are.”, I replied.

“Follow me.”, he offered. And he took us right where we needed to be.

It reminded me of the book we just finished, BLINK. It talked about situations just like this, where a person has to make split second decisions. In this case, the security guard, I’m sure he has to frequently respond quickly to all kinds of situations here. Upon approaching us, he had to decide whether or not we were making trouble and what he would do or more importantly *not* do. The circumstances, the RV, the confused (and not hostile) look on my face, told him instantly that I was most likely looking for the RV park and he responded appropriately making our arrival more welcoming. So anyway, I’m putting this post in the Book-Review-Audio category, because I really enjoyed listening to BLINK and I recommend it.

I’m up $70, btw. -JohnnyB

Johnny: Downtown Vegas

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  1. mmmm Vegas doesn’t look so pretty! Glad to hear good thoughts on Blink, I’m on the library waiting list for it – looking forward to reading it.

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