Where are the orchards of muffins?

It’s Baker’s Field, right? Where are the muffin farms?

We’re on our way to LA today. I’m speaking tonight at the STC San Gabriel chapter at 6. On writing a computer book. Should be exciting and fun. Meanwhile, we got the very last spot at the park last night– and when we pulled in, someone had parked his truck in our space! HA! (He moved, it was coo’).

I could really go for Starbucks and a muffin this morning. Now that we’re out of the mountains, I find myself longing for something that says “this food is identical to the food you ate before you got in this RV of insanity.” John was even craving McDonald’s yesterday! We’re listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink in the car right now, and we’re on the part about marketing and thin slicing for food purchasing decisions. I wish he’d talk about how the marketing obscures the presence of horrible things in your food, but this isn’t a book on food purity and politics.

In RV-news, our nearly-new (we bought it just over a month ago) sewer hose spouted a leak yesterday. Since I am Sewer Girl for the RV… well, it was not a pretty sight. We stopped in Fresno and bought our third sewer hose since buying the RV in March. Three hoses! The first one leaked due to damage, though, so we’ll forgive it. The one yesterday split at the seam– and it turns out the damn thing has a seam running all the way around it! If you don’t know, sewer hoses look like an accordion tube. There’s a device you can get that will convert your sewer waste into particles small enough to go down an ordinary garden hose, but they’re bulky and require installation– we would probably have one professionally installed, and that means stopping somewhere for more than a day. What I want to know is why they can’t make a 3″ wide sewer hose out of garden hose material. My garden hoses never spontaneously spring a leak!

The walk to Hawaii continues, though not as fast as I intended. I have trouble hitting more than 4000 steps a day– still much better than the <1000 I was doing before strapping the pedometer to my waist, but not as many as the 10000 steps I need to be doing if I want to get to Hawaii in 2009. I also haven't weighed myself this week-- I tend to do that mid-week, so it's between weekends, though since I walk more on weekends, maybe I should do it on Mondays. Ah, well. This note reminds me to check in with my Hawaii Walkers and see how the rest of us are doing, too. Tuolumne River

A quick sketch in pen and watercolor of the Tuolumne River. We stopped here on the way down, after the windy road, so Alladin’s stomach could settle.

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  1. Regarding an RV sewer hose made of garden hose material – think what it would weigh and how clumsy it would be to store.

  2. Hey, this is completely random, but after reading a couple of your entries I decided “random” would be the sort of thing you’d appreciate.

    I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year myself, but unfortunately I live in this completely Stone-Age little county in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, which is called Tuolumne. (Oddly enough, the Tuolumne River doesn’t run through here. Go figure.) I haven’t come across a single NaNo site or board for anyone who lives in this area, I don’t have any friends who like to write, and therefore I lack the moral support everyone seems to be hawking as the most important element in completing NaNo. I actually work better independently, but I decided I might as well run a random internet search to see if anyone in this entire county is doing it. Apparently not.

    However, the search terms I used- “nanowrimo tuolumne” brought up your blog. I scanned the page and got ready to click out of it in disappointment when I noticed a watercolor sketch, which caused me to become excited, because again, nobody I know has the same hobby as another of mine- watercoloring. The scene in your sketch looked familiar, so I read the caption. Imagine my surprise when I remembered that, on an RV trip from Northern Cal to L.A., we had stopped on the side of the road at the Tuolumne river for me to ride out some car sickness myself! I don’t know if it’s the exact same spot or not, but the speculation and possibility tickled me pink and I thought I’d share it with you. Small world.

    Good luck with your NaNo and wish me luck the same!


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