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This is what, my 2nd or 3rd post, and I have to say, “I don’t get it!” I guess it’s because I don’t think that most people care to hear about the mundane details of my life. Also, I have never kept a journal of any kind nor I am a photo-taker. I have always lived in the moment, not bothering to record life as it goes by. But I will try nonetheless because I suppose there are a few friends and family reading these that actually do care to hear what we’re up to.

So we’re here just outside of Yosemite, in Groveland actually. It’s an old mining town. They are having their annual ’49’er and Chili Cookoff on the 15th mmmm, chili . I neglected to get backcountry permits, so I’ll be going in on Sunday to see what I can get last minute (they save 40% of the permits for first-come-first-served). I want to do a 2-night trip to Little Yosemite and Half Dome and then another 2-night trip on some route I haven’t done before. I’ll try to do both mid-week and avoid some of the crowding.

Re: The exercise routine that Stephanie was talking about. Previously, I walked every weekday at lunch. It was probably only a mile, but I did it 5-days a week at my normal (i.e. moderately fast) walking pace. Now, I don’t have that routine (or *any* of the routines I used to have before living on the road), so I’m looking for another. I think it will have to be morning walks, like I did this morning. This campground has a “par-course” — a trail with exercise stations on it. Of course, I still have the weekend-warrior activities like hiking. And since Stephanie brought it up, maybe I can solicit her friends reading this to suggest ways that she can create an exercise routine for her as well.

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  1. I’d definitely say that a morning walk routine would be the best option, preferably shortly after breakfast. It’s low impact and gets the metabolism going for the day, so you’re awake without needing to rely on caffeine (if that’s your thing) and more alert, particularly if you’re going to be driving. After a meal is also good, as exercising after eating regulates insulin levels better. With my biking to work in the mornings, I’m finding that I have more energy and am just generally happier through the day than I used to be. Part of that is definitely due to the change of scenery, but I’m pretty sure the exercise has something to do with it. If it’s something you can do together, that much better.

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