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August 2007: Book Reviews

This is an archive of my shorter book reviews and notes, which historically have been posted over at the 50 Book Challenge on LiveJournal, but which I’m starting to move over here. I’m posting them with altered date-stamps, but they might show up in my LiveJournal cross-post anyway. Bear with me, please.

Note: Many of these books also have full reviews available in the book review podcast (RSS).
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Traveling Light

John and I stayed in Milpitas last night so we’d be close by when going to the airport this morning.

I discovered last night after we checked in that the niggling voice inside my head that says “you forgot something” was right.

Here is something I need: A service, nationwide, that rents out laptop computer power adapters in any major city to anyone with a credit card. I have a mega-power-adapter thingie (the iGo), but it doesn’t have a friggin’ adapter plug available for the MacBook Pro yet (grrr!) so it’s useless to me right now even if I had brought it with me.

Half in, half out

We’re in the very last few days of being in the Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley area this week. On Friday we fly to Minneapolis for a friend’s wedding.

Travelling by air when you live in an RV is kinda odd. Not because of the usual oddness, but because of the third member of our family: our cat. We’re fortunate this time that Alladin can stay in the RV and be pampered by our hosts and their three daughters. But if we ever have to fly out of Timbuktu and leave the cat behind, with no support network? Well, I suppose then we will discover how well Alladin travels by air.

John went into Santa Cruz yesterday, and I’m heading with him today. I have a laundry list of things I want to get done while I’m there, including a trip to my local post office, meeting up with a client, and stopping by the house.

I got my Ravelry invite early this week, and of course have been enjoying the site. Too much for me to process at the moment, but when I get a few minutes to breathe, I think I’ll be happy to add/organize my projects, stashes, patterns, etc. On Ravelry, I created a group for other full-timers who do fiber crafts; it’s called RVelers, if you want to join it.

I made a couple of purchases at last week, too. Apple’s website leaves a lot to be desired in the checkout department, but whatever. It only took me an hour after deciding on my purchases to finally fill out all the information and check out. What a pain! I bought two microphones (one for iPod, one for laptop), and a video game (Stubbs the Zombie– OMG SO MUCH FUN). I want to do more podcasting– with over 60 books read this year, I think it’s a shame I haven’t posted an audio book review in several months.

Tomorrow, John and I are headed up to San Jose for some work at the colo, and for me to work at a friend’s house and later in a coffeeshop.

And with that, I leave you with a picture of something adorable, which I crocheted up just the other day. The pattern is the basic birdie pattern from Bittersweet. I made this in dark green Sugar n’ Spice cotton yarn.

Photo 13

The Rest of the Week

The rest of this week went…. better.

Tuesday: Worked from home while Johnny went to Santa Cruz to work.
Wednesday: Woke up with a sore throat. Went with Johnny into Santa Cruz to work, run errands, and meet some friends.
Thursday: Throat still sore. Went with Johnny to Santa Clara to have lunch with best friend, then work at a cafe, with plans to go to STC meeting at night, while he went to Fremont to work at server farm. Flaw with this plan: It was a gabillion degrees outside, sunny, and there was no seating inside the Starbucks he dropped me at. I sat outside and worked (using a TMobile day pass) till my battery went dead, then switch to knitting. I am now “brown as a berry” for certain particularly reddish values of “brown” and berries that include “strawberry.” As in: red.
Friday (today): Worked at home, in air conditioned/shaded RV parked at hosts’ driveway. Went to post office to mail some stuff. Stayed indoors otherwise.

During our long drives on Wednesday and Thursday, Johnny and I are listening to The 4-Hour Work Week, which is basically a book (in our case, audiobook) detailing all the ways a person who is not risk-averse can exploit the labors of those who are. Essentially, you fob off your work onto others who want to have more control over the fruits of their labors. In this way, you can become (eventually) completely disconnected from the sources of your income, the people working for you, etc. It helps if you have no qualms about buying cheaply made crap from China and reselling it.

Um, which is not to say that we won’t be pursuing this kind of lifestyle (along with the gabillions of other New Yuppies who have read this best-seller). After all, I want to work as little as possible for as much gain as I can, too. So I can work as much as possible for nearly no gain as a novelist.

Uh, yeah. Truth is, I’m probably not cut out to be a millionaire. But don’t tell Johnny that– he has high hopes for our financial freedom.

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