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I wasn’t happy with the rather, um, dated look of Steggy when we bought it. I mean, there was definite potential, but it was hard to imagine going from a nicely-decorated house with leather sofas and antiques to this:

And so, last weekend, I trucked myself off to Tarjay to pick up a few new decor items….
First, I made a table top for the steering wheel, so Johnny has a place to put his drink and inbox:

Then, it was Slipcover time:


But the biggest offender was the red and green gingham-ish plaid, which was just everywhere….

On the windows


Which I “fixed” to this:

On the bedspread, which is now this:


And on the kitchen chairs, which now look like this:

How my cat nearly broke my RV….

The generator for our RV is secured behind a Lexan rock guard, very sturdy, which is bolted to the front of the rig. If you want to open the generator drawer, you unbolt about a dozen bolts and then press a airplane-style switch on the driver’s side panel. If you don’t unbolt the bolts and try to extract the generator, you will either pop the bolts off or break the Lexan guard (history has shown the bolts go first).


When Alladin got up on that side panel and deactivated the levelers, John knew there was a potential for trouble. Still, we have a hard time explaining to Alladin that he may not, under any circumstances, crawl on that part of the RV. We obviously need a cover for it, but just as obviously, we haven’t bought one yet.

Naturally, he got up there about half an hour ago and, of course, hit the Generator Out switch with his paw.

Which would have been fine if some STUPID OWNER hadn’t gone over there, shooed him off (he hit the engine heater switch on his way off), and pressed the Generator Out switch in what she thought was the proper direction.

When she went outside, “just to check” the generator was pushed out about eight inches, and the bolts were straining.

Fortunately, I have a friend staying with me this weekend, so he went outside and hollered which direction the generator moved when I hit the switch.

Note to self: Generator Out swith: UP is IN.


I cut a small cardboard box and put it over the switch. It’s not a permanent solution, but it’ll keep us from waking up to the sound of Lexan shattering all over the front of the home.

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