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Ow… (or: “Stephanie Falls Again.”)

Went to a friend’s birthday party last night. Had a few drinks, then stopped because John and I realized that one of us would need to drive home eventually. Decided it would be me. Stopped at 8 (I only had 4 drinks over the course of 3 hours anyway, but I definitely felt them). At 10, I went into the living room to take a short nap and kind of “reset” because I still felt off-balance (what is with saki?!?) and at 10:45, I got up and went outside to give John the “10 minute warning.”

The friend’s house is huge, with a pool, lots of decks, etc. etc. So, I walked to the side of the deck and started down the stairs. One step. Second step. I thought I had made it onto pavement, so–

And then I was eating concrete.

Did I mention that I wore a new knee-length skirt last night, so my knees would be perfectly exposed for skinning? And sandals, one of which broke during my fall?

Anyway, after much care and tenderness, I was restored to something resembling normal, and I drove home, where I put ice on my wrist (which took the brunt of impact) and solarcaine, for my knees.

Status today is that my wrist, knees, and ankle all hurt. My pride is a little bruised, too. I seriously wish someone would catch some of these falls on video, because at least then I could post them for the humor value. Right now, they’re just sad.

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